Huntsville Wildlife and Animal Removal

Finding a Nest of Baby Armadillos

At times, you may find baby Huntsville armadillos all alone. The first human instinct is to protect the baby animals as best as they can. It is possible that the babies you saw are totally fine. Usually, the animals may not be orphaned and if you find that you need to chase it so as to catch it, then most probably it doesn’t need any rescuing.

When you find that the babies are small and if the parent is known to be dead, you need to rescue them. Also, where the young ones are injured, you need to remember that they do have some very sharp claws. You need to have the placed cautiously in a carrier or a big box so as to transport them, to a wildlife rehabilitator. So far as the wild Huntsville animals are concerned, we all are not comfortable to have them at home as neither a pet nor we want them near about us anyway. This is just because of many common reasons.

Basic rescue rules
You need to evaluate the situation first. You should leave the Huntsville animals if:

• The parent is somewhere near. Parents will very rarely abandon the offspring especially when they are in a state of good health. It is totally normal for the animals to leave the babies for some hours without attention. You can keep on checking on them to make sure that they are not alone.

• If the babies appear to be bright eyed, alert and healthy, they may be fine. You may keep on observing them at a safe distance. Do so until you are sure that the babies and the mother have been reunited.

You should rescue baby Huntsville armadillos if:
• If you are sure that the parent is dead or when the baby is too young to be left by itself
• The animal appears to be sick, is cold, thin or looks generally weak. It may mean it hasn’t been fed for a while
• If the babies are injured in any given way, you should rescue them. This may include things like a gunshot, being hit by a car or a pet bite.
• If you spit insects, ants or flies around or on the Alabama animal, you shouldn’t leave it alone
• If there is some apparent danger including issues with people or animals or any kind of situation that you cannot rectify, rescue the animal.

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