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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Huntsville! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Huntsville, AL. Why have our customers voted us as the #1 company for pest control in the metropolitan area, three years in a row? Because we’re really good at our job, that’s why! Not only are we a family-run business with excellent dedication to customer service and care, but we have ten years of experience behind us, giving us a unique insider knowledge into the way wildlife works. We use only the safest and most humane methods of exclusion and live cage traps to remove the pest, never using poisons, and we will also repair any damage the animal has caused. All work is completed to a highly professional standard, so that it’s not just aesthetically pleasing, but also works to keep wildlife out of your property. Available for both residential and commercial jobs, it doesn’t matter what your pest control problem is, we can deal with it. There is no job too big or small. We completely understand that wildlife can be a problem any time of day, and that’s why we’re available 24/7, both over the phone and in person. Our technicians will usually be made available for a same-day appointment. Where this is not possible, or not necessary, we can give you free advice over the phone. For all your pest control needs, get in touch! Call us now at 256-712-2640 for your Huntsville wildlife control needs.

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Our Service Range

We service DeKalb County, Lawrence County, Limestone County, Madison County, Marshall County, and Morgan County. We Service towns such as Huntsville, Decatur, Albertville, Fort Payne, Athens, Madison, Hartselle, Monrovia, Arab, Boaz, Guntersville, Harvest, Meridianville, Moores Mill, Ardmore, Burningtree Mountain, Caddo, Courtland, Danville, Douglas, Elkmont, Eva, Falkville, Grant, Gurley, Hazel Green, Hillsboro, Horton, Hulaco, Lacey's Spring, Lester, Mooresville, Morgan City, Moulton, Moulton Heights, New Hope, New Market, North Courtland, Owens Cross Roads, Paint Rock, Priceville, Redstone Arsenal, Somerville, Tanner, Toney, Town Creek, Triana, Trinity, and Union Grove.

Huntsville Wildlife Removal Tip: How to get Groundhogs Out From Under a Shed or Porch

A shed or a porch may turn out to be an ideal place for a Huntsville groundhog to make a home underneath it by burrowing. The floors of a shed will offer the groundhogs an ideal roof to keep their dens dry and be invisible at the same time. Predators are not likely to reach these burrows underneath an already existing structure. Like all other wild animals, groundhogs will try and live near people if they feel that there is some advantage to be gained. Their main attraction is the food that they have access to in a garden. Besides the incentive of food, shelter is an important factor for them to set up home under an Alabama porch or a shed.

If you want to get rid of the Alabama groundhogs from under your shed or porch, you can think in terms of a cage or a live trap. Some people go for lethal traps that grip the bodies of the groundhogs. As it is not always feasible to place these traps directly near the entrance of a burrow, planks or logs can be used to help make a pathway so that they can be directed down a specified route and the trap can be placed in their travel path. Once the trap is set, fresh vegetables such as cantaloupes, broccoli, corn or lettuce can be used as bait in the trap.

In the case of live traps, you will have to relocate the Huntsville groundhogs, once they are trapped, to an area far away from your home where there is sufficient cover for them not to be threatened by larger predators like foxes and coyotes. Live trapping is a simple and effective solution where a groundhog can be trapped and then removed. However, this is a temporary solution as other Alabama groundhogs can move in at a future date as they like to make burrows under a shed, a deck or a porch.

Installing exclusion barriers with fences made of steel mesh will be a great deterrent for Alabama groundhogs. They can be built to go around the perimeter of the porch or the shed, all the way. The fence needs to go about a foot or a foot and a half underground with its bottom made to curve outward so that the groundhogs will find it difficult to dig underneath. When such fences are installed when the groundhogs are living underground, a little space could be left open as the area to set up a trap or an exclusion door that points in a one-way direction; it will allow the Huntsville groundhog to run out and then it will not be able to come back in again.