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Do All Bats Carry Rabies?

Bats are the carriers of many different kinds of diseases. In fact, there are over 60 diseases that can be extremely dangerous two human beings. It is for this reason that Huntsville bats should be avoided as much as possible. The fact is that is not just the bats themselves that are dangerous. Their feces can be hazardous to you as well. One of the unique aspects of the bat is that when the feces is touched it instantly turns into a power substance that quickly dissipates through the air, taking parasites and viruses with it. Those parasites and viruses can easily get life into your respiratory system and cause use of your problems.

All Alabama bats carry some form of parasite or virus with them. This is just a fact. One of the virus is that a bat can carry is rabies. This illness that we so frequently associate with dogs is actually carried by many other kinds of animals. Bats happen to be one of them. Many Huntsville bats are carriers of the disease, however, no one should confuse the idea that all bats carry rabies.

Rabies is a very serious illness, and is life threatening to any human being that would contract it. Usually within 48 hours of a person contracting the disease, if they have not been treated, they will not survive. This virus is that dangerous to human beings, and the effects of it can be incredibly brutal upon a person suffering from the illness. It is for this reason that Alabama bats should be avoided by human beings. If a person were to be bitten by a bat that was carrying the disease and did not get treated right away they would most likely die a very agonizing death. However, let me reiterate that not every bat is the carrier of the disease. Only a about 12% of bats actually have the rabies virus.

What this says is that only one out of every eight might be a carrier of the illness itself, and it is also most likely true that if one or two bats in a colony to not have the disease than virtually the entire colony will not have it. The converse of that is true as well; if the bat did have the disease it is likely that other Alabama bats in the colony would have it as well. It just spreads that easily. While you do not have to worry as much about suffer from rabies should you be bitten by a Huntsville bat it is still a good idea to be checked out to be on the safe side.

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