Animals that Like to Live in Attics

If any Huntsville animal gains access to your house, they are likely to settle in the attic because it offers a warm and safe area with little human interaction. Animals may find their way into your attic in order to birth and raise their young. They may also be looking for shelter in the cold winter months, or they could be avoiding predators. If your home has available food sources and a hospitable environment, a variety of animals will prefer to stay in your attic rather than in the wild. A few of the Alabama animals that you might find living in your attic are discussed below.

There are some animals that really love to invade the attic and when not handled quickly, you may end up having major issues in the long run. Some of the Huntsville animals include:

1. Squirrels
These are the animals that are most common within the attic. The creatures are very cute, but they are still rodents and they can cause damage similar to that of Alabama mice and rats. A small hole can actually allow a squirrel to enter. Trap squirrels and relocate them to another area. One way exclusion doors can also work.

2. Alabama Raccoons
These are also quite common. They can squeeze through eaves and gaps. They are rather large and leave debris in their wake. The droppings are also rather large. Trap them or use one way exclusion doors.

3. Rats
They don’t like the wild and they love to be near the habitation of humans. They can climb and crawl and nest anywhere in the house. They love the attic and they can leave droppings everywhere. Trap the rats with snap traps or live traps.

4. Huntsville Pigeons
They fly in to seek shelter during weather changes.

Others include snakes, possums, bats, hedgehogs, Alabama birds, termites, and cockroaches. There are a number of animals that can invade your attic and take up residence. If you discover that you have one or more animals living within your attic, you will want to take steps to eradicate them as quickly as possible. All of the animals mentioned above as well as others that could be living in your attic can cause significant damage to your home and belongings. You should inspect your roof and walls regularly to make sure that all holes, cracks and gaps are repaired so that no Huntsville animals will be able to make their way into your attic.

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