Types of Rat Snap Traps?

If you have Huntsville rats in your home, then you obviously want to get rid of them. They are horrific animals that can turn a beautiful home into a house of horrors. They leave droppings everywhere, and can carry diseases that can be quite hazardous to your family. The destruction and health risks make them a creature that just has to go.

There are many options that people can choose from to get rid of these animals. Poisons, ultrasonic waves, and others help to rid the home of the rats, but many prefer the snap traps above all else. They like a more permanent option to ensuring that the rats will not come back, and also like the fact that they can see that the Huntsville rats have been killed.

One of the most common types of traps for catching and killing Alabama rats is the snap trap. This is the traditional option that many have turned to for the extermination of rodents, but you should be aware that there is more than just one type.

Metal Pedal Rat traps – these are the traditional type that we are all most familiar with. The trap has a standard metal bar that snaps down on the Huntsville rat when the catch is released. These are usually the cheapest ones to buy, but are also the least reliable. The rat versions can be quite large and are known to catch more than rats. You need to make sure that your other pets and your children are away from the trap.

Power Snap traps – This is plastic based trap with a metal bar that is released with quite a bit more force than what is found with the standard trap. The release catch is a plastic piece that is built with much better quality and takes more pressure to release it. This is also a smaller trap, meaning that it can be placed in more locations than the traditional version.

T-Rex Rat traps – this is one of the most sophisticated looking traps. Instead of a bar coming down on the rat, the trap is built like a mouth with teeth, and closes over the Alabama rat puncturing it in many different locations. This is the one that is most likely to kill a rat outright, because of the action of the teeth and the force of the trap itself.

Each of these has benefits that people looking to trap Huntsville rats prefer. While the traditional type is not as powerful, it is much cheaper and much less messy. The T-Rex trap is much more likely to kill the rat on first impact, but is also likely to leave a lot more mess as the teeth punch into the flesh of the Alabama rat.

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