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How to Keep Squirrels Away from Your Property

Once you have made the effort to secure your home from Huntsville squirrels, you may find that they are also causing some problems on you outside property. There can especially be problems if you enjoy having a nice garden with edibles. Many things can draw squirrels to you property. To prevent Alabama squirrels from entering your yard, take a look first at what might be attracting them.

Attracting Squirrels
There are things we do everyday that attract Alabama squirrels. Most of these things we may not even think about until after a problem gets out of control. Make it a habit to behave in a way that will limit the attractiveness of your yard to these animals. Most likely a squirrel is just passing by your yard, enjoying a nice climb on your tree. Others are there for a reason. Try not to leave pet food out. If you feed your pets outside, pick up the food as soon as they are done eating. Leftovers are a very convenient snack for squirrels and other wildlife. Once they realize there is something tasty available, they will be back. Home grown foods can also bring Huntsville squirrels to your yard. Put up appropriate cages around your edible plants.

Natural Deterrents
The less plant life you have in your yard, the better. Trees and shrubbery naturally attract Huntsville wildlife. You have to decide how much you are willing to put up with when you landscape your yard. Trees are a beautiful part of owning a home. Do not underestimate the power of your pet. Barking dogs and territorial cats may help you out a little by running the squirrels off. Find out the natural food sources for squirrels and ban them from your yard, as well. Look into plants that squirrels do not like and add these to your plant population. This may mean you need to change your plant choices. You can set up your yard from the very beginning to be an Alabama squirrel free zone.

Sprinklers and Other Structures
This may seem like an odd choice, but consider a good sprinkler system. Squirrels will not enjoy the sudden appearance of crazy spraying water. This daily dousing may be frightening enough to keep some of the wildlife at bay. A greenhouse or other structure with good wire netting may be necessary to keep your precious plants safe. Fencing can only do so much since Huntsville squirrels are climbers, but you can invest in some barbed wire or electric fencing to keep them from running the fence line.

With some good research and planning, you can make your yard a rodent free area to enjoy. Be careful of your actions to avoid attracting unwanted Huntsville animals to your property. Good preventative methods can keep squirrels away without compromising the enjoyment of your personal space.

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