Huntsville Wildlife and Animal Removal

Scratching Sounds in Attic or Walls

Hearing scratching sounds from your attic can be very disturbing, especially if you have no idea what the source is. Scratching sounds in your walls or attic almost always mean that one or more Huntsville animals have made their way into your home. Animals that are known to scratch include mice, rats, raccoons, squirrels and opossums. It also could mean that you have birds or bats in your attic. For your peace of mind, you will need to identify the source of the scratching sound and remove the animal as quickly as possible. Some of the Alabama animals that could be the cause of the sound are discussed below.

Scratching sounds from bats: sometime the bats may get stuck in walls when they find an entry into your home. When they try to get unstuck, they often make the scratching or scurrying noises that can be heard within the wall.

Rodent sounds: mice and rats are known to make scratchy noises in the walls or ceiling when they scurry to get their food.

Trapped Huntsville birds: birds could get stuck in the attic or in the walls and they might make clawing or chipping sounds when they try to get unstuck.

Raccoon noise: raccoons are normally nocturnal animals, and it is possible that they can be heard while running back or forth in your attic during the night or scratching ceiling boards.

Squirrels sound: Alabama squirrels are active Huntsville animals that may make scratching, scurrying and jumping noises in the daytime, especially when they exit or enter the attic.

Alabama Chipmunk: they are active in the day and they can enter in the wall or gutters to hide their food. They do make scratching sounds when they climb the walls and the gutter trying to get back to their food.

If you hear a persistent scratching noise coming from your walls or attic, you will need to take action as quickly as possible. Do not ignore the noise and simply hope that it goes away on its own. If you hear a scratching noise, it likely means that there are one or more Huntsville animals in your home that are causing damage every day they are allowed to coexist with you and your family. The sooner you discover what is making the scratching noise and you deal with the problem, the sooner your family can go back to a peaceful home.

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